Keekionga Farm II is located in Jefferson, ME, only a short drive from the scenic Damariscotta Lake State Park. This second generation farm is in a prime location between a number of farms who all work together for the greater good, that is, doing for others as you would have them do for you. We are able to produce a wide assortment of meats, such as pork, beef, lamb, and even heritage breed Mangalitsa pork meat. The Mangalitsa pork is more of a creamy, robust flavor, intensely marbled with fat, although it is still a healthy option, it is only a higher quality of meat. For more information about this rare pig, please click the following link:

Here at the farm, which was started in 1991, we have been growing slowly but steadily, with expanding barns and our variety of livestock. Our chickens are Araucana, which produce a blue-ish eggs and are sometimes known as “Easter-eggers”. The sheep are Finn, the cows Angus, and the goats, Boer. Check back with us in the spring as plans are in the works for a high-tunnel for growing an assortment of vegetables! And of course, our hardy, hairy and friendly Mangalitsa pigs! This pork not only tastes richer but is actually healthier for you. Please see information on the nutritional value at the following link: Pig%20production/Pig_pdf/nistor1.pdf

We hope to see you soon so come by the farm sometime for a visit, you are always welcome! Please check the "where to find us" page if you are not familiar with the Midcoast Maine area, and find where we are located. Is there something else of interest about our farm that catches your eye? Whether it be our involvement in the community, (see "what we've been up to page" page), prices for our produce (see “what we offer” page) or what we currently stock, you could contact us directly by finding our information on the "contact" page. We thank you for your time spent learning a bit more about us, and hope to do business with you soon!  Thank you for supporting local farms.